Infographic Mania – A review of Free Infographic Tools

I have been checking out some of the latest tools to create free infographics!

Here’s my round-up; – Great when you need content for social media, has an excellent selection for when you are not feeling that inspired to create one yourself. – Excellent for a little more creative power than the above. Create quickly, simply and easily with a standard layout. Great for time saving.

Piktochart – This had the most creative power for those who like to move things around, customise and make it your own. Quality is not the best, even when I saved as a PNG. Nevertheless, was easy to navigate, and I created this very simple infographic in no time:

Best wifi cities [Infographic]

Best Wifi Cities [Infographic] – This tool seems great from what I have seen. However, I could not sign up with success. I requested a new password several times, but nothing arrived to my mailbox. Anyone having the same problem?

All in all, I find it better to create your own in PowerPoint. It takes a lot more time..but there are less constraints. If you need to create infographics regularly, you should spend some time creating a few templates from which you can work your data into, with less hassle!


How Important is Mobile to Social Media?

This week I have being exploring how to make an infographic. Infographics are excellent tools to break down large amounts of data, and present it in a more ‘friendly’ form. You can view my work below, my first attempt. Tell me, what do you think?

Any great examples of infographics, send them to me in the comment section please!

Infographic demonstrating; 'The Significance of Mobile and Social Media Highlighted'

The Significance of Mobile and Social Media Highlighted


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